Non-Personal Checking Account

A Regular Business Checking Account is a full service checking account. You can even request images of the checks for an additional monthly fee for easy and convenient record keeping. The most convenient additional service on this account is to take advantage of our My Secure Online Banking for business or commercial accounts via the Internet.

Small Business Checking Account

This full service checking account may be just the right fit for smaller businesses. This account is offered with free online banking access and free e statements with images of cancelled checks. There are no monthly fees on this account up to a total of 100 debits + credits per month. This may be the account for you!

Sweep Accounts

A Regular Business Checking account can be linked to a Sweep Account. This allows you to earn interest on business funds overnight. The rules are precise so call us 319.394.3191 to see if you may benefit from a sweep account.

Merchant Deposit Capture

Merchant Deposit Capture is a convenient service to your business. You can make deposits at your own place of business reducing the risk of lost mail. It also may increase your balance availability. Please contact our bank to see if this service is right for you. Call us at 319.394.3191.

Regular Savings Account

A Regular Savings Account is a good place to begin a savings plan. A savings plan is important to you and your financial dreams. It takes a low minimum balance to open and keep open. You can use a passbook to keep track of your balance if you prefer.

Statement Savings Account

A Statement Savings Account gives you the additional ability to link your savings statement to your checking statement. This gives you handy access to see both statements together to help keep track of your finances. You can also transfer funds from you statement savings account to your checking account with an ATM card, VISA Check Card, or through My Secure Online Banking.

Non-Personal Insured Money Account

This Insured Money Account is a more powerful savings tool. It typically earns interest at a higher rate than does the saving accounts. It does require a larger minimum balance to open and carries some other rules to maintain.

An Insured Money Account is a good account for businesses who want to park some of their idle cash in an interest bearing account that pays competitive rates. It is a good account for the saver who wants to earn more on their savings but does not want to tie up their deposit for a set period of time.

Please contact our bank, call us at 319.394.3191.

Time Certificates

Time Certificates are good products to use to advance your financial goals. You commit to deposit your money for a specified period of time and the bank can pay you more on your deposit. Time commitments from 91 days to 60 months are currently being offered. You choose the term to meet your particular needs.

Just a reminder deposits in the Mediapolis Savings Bank are insured up to $250,000.00 by the FDIC. Talk to our friendly staff at 319.394.3191 or stop in the bank to determine the best term to meet your needs.