Card Hub

Manage your debit cards at Mediapolis Savings Bank in one convenient and secure location. Log into the MSB Mobile app and go to "My Cards". You can set spending limit, restrict your card if it becomes lost or stolen, make travel exemptions to avoid denials while on vacation and more.
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Redeem your Uchoose Rewards Points Today

Earn points while making everyday purchases. Every $3.00 dollars you spend in a "credit" transaction you will earn 1 point to be compiled for redemption.  Do not miss out on the great opportunities, please visit the link above to redeem your points today!!

***Please be aware that when making purchases at a Point of Sale that some merchants may be routing your transactions through as "Pin-less Debit" transactions if the purchase is $50.00 or less. This may affect you, and keep you from meeting certain requirements on a "Signature" or "Independence" account with the bank. This change was made with the passing of new legislation (Durbin Amendment) allowing merchants to choose debit for you if the transaction is below $50.00.

One way to know if your purchase was run as a "credit" is by the description on your statement. If it reads "POS Purchase" it is a "credit" transaction. If it reads "POS Withdraw" it is a "debit" transaction. 

Please be aware of this and monitor your account accordingly. Call 319-394-3191 with questions.

Visa Check Card

A VISA Check Card gives you the most opportunities for convenience in accessing your account balances. At most ATMs using the VISA Check Card and your PIN you can:

  • make deposits to checking account(s)
  • make deposits to savings account(s)
  • get cash withdrawals from checking account(s)
  • get cash withdrawals from savings account(s)
  • transfer funds from savings to checking account(s)
  • transfer funds from checking to savings account(s)
  • get information about your checking account(s) balance
  • get information about your savings account(s) balance

Apply today at either bank location. The VISA Check Card can be used at most merchants displaying the VISA logo. You may access your checking account(s) to purchase goods (in person, online, or by telephone), pay for services (in person, online, or by telephone), get cash from a merchant, if the merchant permits, or from a participating financial institution. This truly expands the versatility of your Mediapolis Savings Bank checking account.

After hours Customer Service if your card is lost or stolen: 1-800-554-8969

To Activate your card or reset your PIN call: 1-800-992-3808

Please contact our bank, call us at 319.394.3191.